The Bob Astwood Trophy

Bob Astwood …

Bob was a member of our Chippenham Lions Club, who died  towards the end of 2014 and, in the early days, many cherished vehicle owners will have dealt with Bob when they booked their entries. He was also to be remembered on show days buzzing round the field on his electric buggy – checking up on us all.

Bob gave nearly 40 years of service to Lions, first becoming a member with the Wootton Bassett Club in 1975 before transferring to the Chippenham Club when that club closed.

It was for that reason that we introduced The Bob Astwood Memorial Trophy  using the judgement of three wise men who come together for the day. There is no formal or rigorous process for judgement – but more of a leisurely group wander round the field keeping the eye open and talking to owners. In the past the public have appreciated the two qualities of motoring history and the detail of the restoration task and this has served us well.

The 2019 Winner …

Colin Truman of The TVR Club was one of our judges for 2019 and writes:

This year’s winner was a 1966, Land Rover Series 2A owned by Adrian Paget and his family. This was purchased in London in 1966, but lived just a mile or so from Meadow Farm Nurseries for most of its life.  Initially it was used on a regular bases until around the 1980’s when it was laid up in a garage and a subsequent move meant it was just left outside to rot.  Then a few years ago the original owner’s daughter and her husband and son (aged 10 at the time) decided to restore it.  The majority of the work was undertaken by them, but unfortunately the chassis was past it and had to be replaced. However, most of the other bits were refurbished rather than replaced.

The original owner’s daughter was very enthusiastic; talking through the restoration with us and showing us pictures at various stages and you could sense they enjoyed bringing back to life her fathers LR. The attention to detail and the quality of the work was to a very high standard throughout.  Although there was about six other cars in contention this one just stood out above the rest.  Once we (the judges) walked away we all agreed this car was worthy of this years Bob Astwood trophy.

Previous Winners …

2015 was the 1917, Lancia Theta, RG 9540 owned by Roland Grazebrook of The Colerne Classic Car Club

2016 was the 1936, Austin Special Hamblin Cadet, 773 FSM owned by Keith Harmer of The Bristol Austin 7 Club.

2017 was the 1934, Jaguar SS2, UG 9963 owned by Mike Taylor of The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club

2018 was the 1935, Lagonda Rapide 3500 owned by Richard Edmonds (Snr)

2019 was the 1966, Land Rover Series 2A owned by Adrian Paget